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From Yahoo! Movies UK:


I once went to a concert of film composer Jerry Goldsmith’s music conducted by the man himself. At the beginning of the performance, he turned to the audience and joked that we were welcome to talk through it as much as we want – after all, that’s what happens on-screen. Attending a similar show at […]


There’s been plenty of talk about the state of the British film industry lately – calls for more King’s Speeches, more commercially viable movie product that will generate money and is worth investing in in the first place. What the bigwigs fail to understand is how frail the infrastructure of the homegrown industry is. Lots […]


So I went to go and see Howard The Duck the other night at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. It was dreadful – worse than I remembered it when I saw it at my 10th birthday party (a private screening!). Mostly that was thanks to the spectacular misfire of tone. This was a movie […]