Hi there,

It’s time for another Schlock & Awe Podcast and this edition’s film is one for the ages. I love this film so much I’ve got a Japanese version of the poster in my office.

Herewith the original one-sheet for MEGAFORCE.

As you can see, it’s awesome.

This is a 1982 film starring Barry Bostwick as Ace Hunter – Deeds Not Words! – a man who parades around in a lycra onesie and tries to stop the evil machinations of Henry Silva. There are flying bikes, so-so effects, a chemistry-free love story, a hilarious training sequence and more along the way.

I also try to re-enact some of the scenes from the film at home with my wife, namely the strange sign-off Ace Hunter has, which involves him kissing his thumb and then giving the thumbs-up. My wife says I look ridiculous doing it and she won’t comply, but I give it a good go anyway.

The film can be hard to actually see, I’ve got it on VHS, mainly I think because it was a huge flop. But I recommend digging it out anyway. I know the South Park guys are huge fans and there must be millions more like us secretly gathered around the world.

Anyway, to get to lowdown on the film, I decided to get in touch with Andre Morgan, a lovely guy who co-wrote and produced this epic (as well as being a leading light behind the film company Golden Harvest and thus Bruce Lee’s career).

He was able to tell me some brilliant stories about the making of it and clear up once and for all my main question: whether this was supposed to be a serious, hardcore action pic or a comedy.

You can hear his answer below. Enjoy! And remember, I’d love to hear your feedback at schlockandawe@gmail.com or on Twitter @schlockandawe